I spent over 750g on my paladin

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Inscription : 03 octobre 2021, 05:11

I spent over 750g on my paladin

Message par Weiveisamrt » 03 octobre 2021, 05:16

I spent over 750g on my paladin quest mount. I have the deluxe edition mount when I'm on the ground. This might be a good idea to you. But, the retail market aren't inclined to buy achievement mounts as long as they aren't attractive.

Imagine you have to farm ICC for a few months in order to achieve Invincible. It's like getting a level 4 for effort (because time spent) to earn a level 8 reward. There is less of a gap between effort and reward and reward, however there is greater effort needed to obtain an amount of money that is not worth it. There is a chance to click a few times at the shop to find the best mount in the game, or you can farm for months inside the same raid repeatedly to obtain a less attractive mount. Blizzard has made it so that mounts are no an issue anymore. It's even possible to argue that store mounts are 0 effort because you just get it in the game for free (6-month sub). It's awesome to be able to access the best content on the market with no effort. It's as if you feel like you've cheat or won. It's not a pleasant feeling to be forced to work harder to earn less. This is why mythic quests are so difficult to complete. This is the reason that no one spends days in clearing mythic. You can replace mythic with the heroic version at the next level, which takes only two weeks, when compared to months.
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